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Last week we told you about actor Sean Penn‘s sudden departure from acting, when he pulled out of two projects simultaneously. Penn has decided not to star in the crime drama Cartel, or the high profile Farrelly Brother‘s comedy, The Three Stooges. He was set to star opposite Jim Carrey and Benicio del Toro as one third of the legendary comedic trio, but with him gone the film’s fate is uncertain. There have been several conflicting reports about whether or not Penn will be recast or if the film will go on.

Check out what’s been said after the jump.

Hitflix recently posted a few quotes from a close source stating that “the picture is still a “go” for MGM with Benicio Del Toro (Moe) and Jim Carrey (Curly) already on board.  The studio may wait for Penn or may recast depending on how much time the actor really decides to take off.” This may sound like they’re moving forward as planned, but over at FirstShowing they’ve posted some choice words from one of the film’s directors Peter Farrelly, and they don’t sound as reassuring. He stated that because of Penn’s departure he fears “a domino effect now.” What’s going on here? Who do we believe?

The director didn’t elaborate on further casting, but he did give some details about the film’s story. The Three Stooges will not be a biopic, as a lot of us thought. Instead it will be similar to watching a long episode of the classic TV series.

“It will be three half-hour episodes rolled into an hour-and-a-half movie,” he said. “Each part picks up where the other one left off. They look the same, talk the same and act the same, but it takes place in the present, and we wrote new material.”

That sounds like a sign of promise, but Alex Billington goes on to say that he’s heard from a close source that the film’s script is “terrible.” Once again I ask the question, who do we believe? I was already shaky about this film from the beginning, but I was blinded by the amount of talent involved so I rolled with it. Now, we’re in a funky situation where we don’t know what will happen next! Hollywood is such a soap opera. Am I the only one who can totally see Johnny Depp creeping in to steal this role? I know there were rumors early on about him starring, but he could definitely do it.

Do you think The Three Stooges should go on as planned without Penn? Do you think the movie will be good or garbage?