Just when we thought the comic book genre was safe from Jessica Alba she found a way back in. Alba isn’t returning for another round as “The Invisible Woman” from the Fantastic Four, but she is looking to develop another type of hero. According to /Film, Alba and director/producer Robert Rodriguez are interested in adapting the French comic series The Insiders.

The Insiders is a popular, multi-volume comic featuring a female lead named Najah Cruz. She’s a professional infiltrator who penetrates billion dollar corporations to expose their corrupt practices. Her mission is “to uncover the various links to the mafia hydra in a game of poker the size of the planet.” Cruz is a Colombian working as an undercover agent for the White House to bring down international crime from the inside.

There’s no official word on the production status of the film, just that Alba and Rodriguez are working on a live action adaptation. I’m assuming the actress is looking to star as Cruz, which would actually be great casting in the physical sense. It kind of reminds me of her days on the defunct Fox TV series Dark Angel. As for Rodriguez, don’t get me wrong, I like the guy but I’m starting to think that he will adapt anything that’s not nailed down.

What do you think of Alba and Rodriguez adapting Insiders? Is Jessica Alba a good choice for the lead?