Sandra Bullock is back to her old winning ways playing the pushy boss Margaret Tate in Anne Fletcher’s romantic comedy, The Proposal, with funny man Ryan Reynolds. Watch at your own risk. The other big movie opening this week is Harold Ramis‘  Year One starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. I would hate to be the big comedy movie that opens right after The Hangover but hopefully these two films can pull in some audiences. And if the names Woody Allen and Larry David mean anything to you, you should go see Allen’s new one starring David called Whatever Works. There are also a number of smaller picks if you’re interested including Dead Snow, Under Our Skin, End of the Line, and Irene in Time, all of which you can find more details for below…

Movies opening on June 19th:

Watch the trailers:

The Proposal

Year One

Whatever Works

Dead Snow

Under Our Skin

End of The Line

Irene in Time

Which trailer caught your attention? Which one of the big three (The Proposal, Year One, and Whatever Works) do you think will open at #1 this week?