Last night I was lucky enough to attend the premiere of Kieran and Michele Mulroney’s Paper Man at the opening night of the Los Angeles Film Festival. The film stars Jeff Daniels, Lisa Kudrow, Emma Stone, Kieran Culkan, Hunter Parrish, and Ryan Reynolds in a pseudo heroic role. Paper Man is a character study with an off beat sense of humor, that has the ability to make you laugh and cry simultaneously.

The film reminds me of the 2007 sleeper hit Juno. It’s quirky but not in a way that beats you over the head with extreme sarcasm. There’s something genuine about the performances that make you believe the characters action’s even if they seem obviously illogical. Paper Man was not only directed but written by the Mulroney’s in a last ditch effort to become successful screenwriters. Before they began penning the script the duo were ready to pack up and move on from the industry, but they decided to give it one last shot. That last shot became Paper Man, which in turn reignited their faith in the art of storytelling.

Not only does the film successfully execute comedy, but it seamlessly introduces dramatic moments that naturally flow out of the story. I think one of the hardest things to do is balance those two elements without it coming across as awkward or misplaced to the audience. Overall this was an enjoyable film that I hope gets more attention down the line, because it definitely deserves it.

Will you go and see this film?