Roland Kickinger

Enter: Australia. Filled with Dingoes, Kangaroos, Fosters Beer and…. Kickinger?

Turns out Lionsgate and Nu Image/Millennium may have finally found their next Conan the Barbarian. Roland Kickinger is up for the job, according to the Risky Biz Blog (Hollywood Reporter). Nothing has been confirmed yet, all we know is that “The companies are in talks” to sign a deal.

One glance at the man himself and you’ll notice something oddly familiar. No, I’m not talking about his infectious smile, but rather he holds a very close resemblance to California’s Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose career was jump started when he played Conan in the early 80′s. But all angst aside, Kickinger fits the bill, and if he can pull it off, I’m sure a whole new franchise will be laid at his feet.

Think outside the box, Lionsgate!

The has been no word on whether Arnold will make a cameo, but we all know once he’s done with that whole political thing, we’ll most likely be seeing him more and more on the big screen.

Did you check out the original Conan movies back in the day? Think you’ll check this one out?