This week brings us another round of cheap DVDs, both regular and on Blu-Ray. So just in case you rather stay in and invite some friends over for popcorn and drinks here are some great deals that I’ve found for you to save you time because time is money. So get out your credit cards because here’s another list of deals too hot to let pass.

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Under $10

My pick of the week: It isn’t the sight of Brad Pitt‘s butt, but rather the great heroic story that is Troy that make’s it a must see and a definite must have. I have an itch that only films based on ancient times can scratch and Troy does it for me. Yes, it’s based on myths and fairy tales about Greek gods and heroes, but the film does a great job in showing true heroism. Check out the trailer below.

Under $15

My pick of the week: When I first saw Changeling I left the theater angry; Angry at the high level of discrimination that existed in the early 20th century (not to say it doesn’t exist now, it does). I also left amazed at Angelina Jolie‘s performance. This is probably the first time that Jolie acts as a woman with fear. She’s not running around killing men or escaping for asylums, but facing real challenges and fighting them in a real way. To me, this is her best performance yet.


Under $20

My pick of the week: With Transformers Revenge of the Fallen coming out next weekend, let’s commemorate Shia LaBeouf‘s 2007 performance in Disturbia. Yes, it’s a rip off of Vertigo, but it’s a great decent thriller nonetheless. Check out the trailer below.

Which film will you buy?