How did the people behind the Red Dawn remake manage to swing this?! According to Latino Review, Tony Gilroy is on board to rewrite the screenplay for the film. That’s right, two-time Academy award nominee Tony Gilroy will actually involve himself with such a thing. It turns out that the screenwriter has been brought in to polish the script originally penned by Carl Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore.

Gilroy wrote the screenplays for the  Bourne Trilogy, while Red Dawn’s helmer Dan Bradley was the second unit director on The Bourne Ultimatum. I will admit that not all of Gilroy’s works have been revered as much as 2007′s Michael Clayton. He’s had his hand in the screenplays for Armageddon, Proof of Life, and even a little known comedy from 2000 called Bait that starred future Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. I guess you can balance the good with the bad with him.

I honestly don’t know where I stand when it comes to Red Dawn anymore. I wasn’t at all interested before, but now I’m a bit curious as to what Gilroy will add to it. Even though he’s made some suspect choices in the past I can’t ignore the man who wrote the Bourne movies, I love that franchise! I know he’s capable of creating a multi-layered story that can serve an action film, I just didn’t plan on that film being Red Dawn. Bring on Bourne 4!

What do you think of Tony Gilroy doing rewrites for Red Dawn?