It’s been confirmed for development! There will definitely be a Mission Impossible 4. According to Variety, both Tom Cruise and director JJ Abrams will return for a third sequel in the established action franchise. We recently reported on Cruise’s interest in reuniting with Abrams and reprising his role as Ethan Hunt, the super spy whom he first appeared as over 10 years ago.

The actor vocally expressed that he wanted the Mission Impossible 3 helmer and producer JJ Abrams to return to do MI:4. The 2006 sequel was Abrams’ feature directorial debut, in which he took over the franchise reigns from John Woo. If you remember correctly after MI:3 Cruise left Paramount Studio after it’s chief Sumner Redstone ousted him after a 14 year partnership. A lot of people believed the decision had to do with Cruise’s behavior in the media at the time, which seemed to dampen his favor with audiences.

Even though Cruise went on to become the chief over at United Artists, M.I.:4 will still be produced by Paramount. Conveniently, Redstone has changed its tune when it comes to the actor by recently referring to him as “a great actor and a good friend.” Even though Abrams has agreed to co-produce the sequel, we still don’t know when it will actually happen. The director has to start developing the follow up to this summer’s hit Star Trek, while Cruise is attached to star in the Fox film Wichita.

In the source article it confirms that both talents will be on board of MI:4 to produce, but it never clearly states that Abrams will direct.  Interesting.

What do you think of Abrams and Cruise’s return to the Mission Impossible franchise?