Avatar Fight Scene

There is no doubt in anyones mind that James Cameron is going to be making a whole new kind of film with Avatar starring Sam Worthington. The technology and special effects used in this film have never been seen before. The pictures above and below are new screenshots from the computer game that Cameron used to help create his Avatar world.

Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau, said that making the Avatar game at the same time as the movie was a huge advantage.

“We felt the video game needed to be an extension of the world of Avatar… There are things we wanted to show in the movie that we didn’t have time to show and the video game gives us that opportunity.”

Check out more of the pictures below…

Cameron used the same designers on the game as for the film to build the landscapes, rainforests (with 300m-tall trees), floating mountain ranges and more.

Avatar is set in the 22nd century on a moon called Pandora which orbits a giant gas planet and where humans can’t breathe the air. A paralysed marine played by Australian actor Sam Worthington agrees to exist as an Avatar, a genetically engineered hybrid controlled with a mental link.

Source: News.com.au