This weekend will again be all laughs; There is not one, but two major comedies hitting the theaters, now the only question left for you to answer is which type of comedy do you prefer? Romance or slap-stick? The Proposal and Year One will be battling it out at the box office this weekend, but who will be the winner?

Let’s take a look at the stats and our pick below…

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds star in Anne Fletcher‘s romantic comedy The Proposal, a film about a pushy boss (Bullock) who forces her assistant (Reynolds) to marry her in order to keep her residency in the US. While romantic comedies seem to flood the theaters nowadays, Year One seems to be more of a one-of-a-kind film.

In Year One, Michael Cera and Jack Black play two cavemen who set out on an adventure after their tribe decides to throw out Black’s character. Aside from The Monty Python, we rarely see filmmakers making comedies set in biblical times, most likely because people are a bit sensitive about the subject. The film seems to mock bible characters such as Cain, Abel, Isaac, and more. Will US (aka Puritan) audiences be okay with that? Hopefully with a director like Harold Ramis he’ll be able to use satire in a positive way.


Ramis‘ last gig as director was his 2005 comedy-drama The Ice Harvest. While the film wasn’t a total success ranking at number 10 and making $3,740,799 on opening weekend and $10,156,968 worldwide, he has a lot more pull on this film. With box office champ, Judd Apatow producing the film, it is in an entirely different league. Both Michael Cera and Jack Black have pulled in big numbers before. Black was part of one of the highest grossing comedies ever, Tropic Thunder which made $188,072,649 worldwide.

That being said, Anne Fletcher‘s last film 27 dresses (another romantic comedy) was incredibly well received by audiences. It ranked at number 2 and made $23,007,725 on opening weekend and $160,259,319 worldwide. If The Proposal is anything like 27 Dresses (presumably about forcing love unto two humans who dislike each other) then we should expect some similar numbers. And leading lady Sandra Bullock is nothing to scoff at. In the past, she’s pulled in mega-numbers, although her last film Premonition wasn’t as hot. It ranked at number 3 on opening weekend making $17,558,689 and grossing at $84,146,832 worldwide. Ryan Reynolds has just come off the Wolverine train, where many people said that he was the best thing in it. In fact, his role was so popular, he got his own Deadpool spin-off.

You have two possible hit comedies this weekend, both by directors with questionable backgrounds, but with strong casts and great backing. So what will it be? Another night down the lane of comedy and romance or a wacky night in the land before cellphones and e-mail? Personally I’ll take the latter. Although all signs point to The Proposal.

  • Who would we like to see win? Year One
  • Who do we think will win? The Proposal

Which film are you excited to see?