This is some news that I’m actually excited about. SNL star Jason Sudeikis, has been cast in a feature film opposite Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. The reason I’m happy about this is because I think Sudeikis is just as funny as Bill Hader or Andy Samberg but he doesn’t get nearly as much attention. According to THR the actor/comedian will star in the upcoming romantic comedy Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter, will center on a woman named Casidy (Aniston) who’s on the run from law, and is being tracked by her ex-husband Milo (Butler) who happens to be a bounty hunter. Sudeikis will star as Stewart, Casidy’s co-worker who thinks that he’s her boyfriend and unwittingly goes after her when she jumps bail. Sudeikis has had supporting roles in The Rocker and What Happens in Vegas, but it sounds like he’ll have a bigger piece of the pie in this one.

Jennifer Aniston is becoming the Julia Roberts of the new millennium. As of late she’s become the face of all romantic comedies that involve befuddled humor, with a touch of slapstick. Either way it’s more work for Sudeikis, and hopefully this will give other people an opportunity to see his talent. Before becoming a featured on screen player at SNL he was a writer for the show, similar to his former co-star Tina Fey. Yay, for Jason!

What do you think of Sudeikis being cast opposite Aniston and Butler?