Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Close Up

A new batch of poster’s for this summer’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have just been released. Over at Latino Review they’ve gotten a hold of them and their all full of angst, just the way I like it! When Warner Bros promotes their blockbuster films they go hard. This installment of the popular franchise will deal with darker mystical fare as well as the teen’s raging hormones. As you can tell from the above photo, wizardry isn’t the only thing on these kid’s minds.

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Is is just me or does the Half-Blood Prince look like a supernatural teen drama? The Harry Potter films have a lot of substance, but I can’t help but hear the theme song from The O.C. while viewing these posters. These kids really have grown up! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will hit theaters next month on July 15.

What do you think about the latest batch of Harry Potter posters?