Robin Hood Goes for a Ride on a Keep with his Merry Men

First came the photos of the sets and now we get the talent! Apparently, Ridley Scott has found a new way to update Robin Hood… with jeeps! And you thought they were just doing the old “steal from the rich and give to the poor gag.” Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of tie ins to modern politics for you.

As you can see Russell Crowe, co-star Kevin Durand, and I think that’s Scott Grimes, are driving their way into set in Wales. They’re currently shooting on Pembrokeshire beach with a cast and crew of over 800, plus 130 horses. In a town like Wales, that basically means you’ve taken over.

You can see Robin Hood’s real mode of transportation and wardrobe below…

Russell Crowe on Horseback as Robin Hood

I love a man who can ride a horse. Below is another one of Crowe in full wardrobe, on set…

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

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What do you think of the look of the film so far?