Could director Christopher Nolan be turning his back on the bat? I know that was a corny opening but I had to do it. IGN is reporting that Nolan’s attachment to Warner Bros and a third Batman film isn’t set in stone. They cite a couple of sources that make his future with the rebooted franchise seem uncertain. Being that Batman is my favorite comic book character I had to delve in to this story.

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According to the site a trusted “industry source” is saying that there’s a snow ball’s chance in hell that Nolan will direct a third Batman film. There were already rumors about the director’s reluctance to participate in another feature after all the drama that surrounded the unfortunate passing of Heath Ledger. In case Nolan definitely decides to nix Batman, they’re saying the studio does have a short list of directors on hand to replace him.

“The death of Heath Ledger in January of 2008 rocked Mr. Nolan hard. So hard that Chris was convinced that TDK was going to be it for him and Batman on film,” according to BoF’s source, adding that the Joker was envisioned as the villain in the third film.

I do believe that Nolan was deeply effected by Ledger’s death as was the rest of the world. I have also heard that The Joker was supposed to return for the third film, but directors have had to deal with last minute changes since the beginning of film-making. This definitely doesn’t sound 100% legit to me.

Sources are “correct in reporting that (Nolan) is developing story ideas with [Jonathan Nolan] and David Goyer, but it will be until AT LEAST 2012 before we see the Caped Crusader back [in theaters]. And that is only an EARLY ESTIMATE at best right now. They are even saying it might not be until 2013.”

They went on to say that as of now there is no story developed for a third film. Hopefully this is all speculation and can be taken with a grain of salt. I actually trust Nolan with Batman and I don’t have any fear that he would butcher him to an unrecognizable disgrace like so many other directors have in the past. The prospect of not seeing another Batman film until 2013 is a hard pill to swallow. Christian Bale will be knocking on 40 by that point, I’m assuming he would no longer be the “young” Bruce we’ve come to know and love. What do you think of all this?

What do you think about the rumors surrounding Christipher Nolan’s attachment to Batman 3? Could anyone take his place as director?