Natalie Portman is one of the few young actresses that I actually think is talented. Darren Aronofsky is one of the few maverick directors that I can actually tolerate. Therefore it’s only natural that these two would team up for a mutual project. According to THR, the actress is attached to star as the lead in Aronofsky’s supernatural thriller, Black Swan.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Aronofsky’s work you know that he’s been tapped to helm the reboot/remake of the 1980′s cult classic, Robo Cop. I thought that would be his next feature, but I guess he’s still working on it. Apparently Black Swan has been in development at Universal since 2007, and was even given “turnaround” status by the studio. Since then several improvements have been made including the casting of Natalie Portman as the film’s lead.

Here’s a short description of the story.

“Swan” centers on a veteran ballerina (Portman) who finds herself locked in a competitive situation with a rival dancer, with the stakes and twists increasing as the dancers approach a big performance. But it’s unclear whether the rival is a supernatural apparition or if the protagonist is simply having delusions.

Aronofsky hasn’t set in stone which film he will direct next. Black Swan has yet to be sold, but if it does sooner than later, the film could begin shooting as early as this year.

Which film do you think Aronofsky should shoot first Robo Cop or Black Swan?