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Does British actor Michael Sheen love to play classic, epic, or larger than life characters all the time because as of late I’ve been getting a lot of that from him. To follow up his role as Aro in New Moon this fall, Sheen may be appearing in the next James Bond film. According to MTV the actor may star as a famed villain who’s already popped up in several Bond installments, Ernst Stavro Blofeld!

That’s right people, Sheen is rumored to be up for the role of Blofeld, the Bond villain who’s been portrayed by several noted actors in the past. The character is typically described as “a former muscle man who let himself go, physically,” so if they’re sticking to that Sheen’s thin frame will be a problem. Other actors who’ve portrayed the character include Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas, Charles Gray, and Max von Sydow. The script for the 23rd Bond film is being penned by Peter Morgan who previously worked with the actor on The Queen, and Frost/Nixon.

I personally think it would be interesting to see a younger, updated version of the character. I’m usually against cutting tradition with long standing franchises, but I think this could work if done right. Sheen could definitely pull off a slicker, more maniacal Blofeld. He’s ridiculously talented, and he’s done both indie films as well as mainstream blockbusters. I think he would be a formidable foe to pit against Daniel Craig.

What do you think of Michael Sheen as Blofeld? Do you think he could pull it off?