ScreenHunter_15 Jun. 16 15.54The Hills Have Eyes‘ director Alexandre Aja is currently filming his next thriller Piranha 3-D, set to be released in March of 2010. The film deals with prehistoric piranhas that have surfaced in Lake Victoria. The film stars Elisabeth Shue as Sheriff Julie Forester, who will risk everything to save her townsfolk. MarketSaw sent us some exclusive photos of the film’s set, but don’t worry there are no major spoilers, however there is a creepy picture of a half-body laying on an overturned boat.

According to MarketSaw “These were taken with a cell phone, security was pretty tight. There is a great one with a half body laying on an overturned boat. You’ll see the boats covered with blood, and a couple good pics of the hydraulic sound stage.”

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In the second photo you can see the blood splashed all over the front of the boat (we’re in for some bloody decks). We also get a shot of the complete soundstage surrounded by sinking boats. If you would like to see more photos follow the link below.

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