We still gave a few weeks before Brüno hits theaters, but some of the first reviews of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest adventures as Brüno have just been released out of the UK and just like his hairless ass, they are glowing. There are a few things we have comes to expect from Cohen’s improvisational, documentary style films: lots of over the top of insults which will offend some if not all viewers, grotesque nudity that we don’t really want to see but can’t turn away from, and that type of painful laughter that makes you feel like you need a bath.

It looks like Cohen has delivered again. Check out some review snippets below…

The Sun stated:

To say Brüno makes uncomfortable viewing is an understatement of Battle of Britain proportions.

When I wasn’t giggling like a 14-year-old, I was cowering behind my hands. And I wasn’t just hiding from the acres of kugelsack, Brüno’s word for the lunchbox, shown during the 90 minutes… I also saw enough “arshenhaller” bleaching to last a lifetime.

Jonathan Ross of the BBC Tweeted:

We just got back from watching Bruno. Was very funny. Not as funny as Borat, but funny.

***Beware some SPOILERS ahead***

They also have away from of Brüno’s antics:

Just like with Ali G and Borat, Sacha as Brüno tricks famous faces into doing ridiculous interviews.

Brüno decides to become heterosexual — “like TOM CRUISE, JOHN TRAVOLTA and KEVIN SPACEY”. And an interview with a pastor, who specialises in turning gay men straight, is priceless.

The only negative: The character does lose a bit of steam towards the end but the musical climax, with cameos from CHRIS MARTIN, BONO, SIR ELTON JOHN and SNOOP DOGG

Do you think Bruno will have what you need?

The film will be in theaters July 10th.