In case you have never heard never heard of the classic film Troll 2 before, it’s time for you to get an education. It is one of the best, worst movies of all time. It’s even won awards for it. Much like The Room, the film has become known getting audiences together to yell at the screen and mock it (video of audiences doing so below).

It is about a family who swaps houses to live in Nilog (which spell backwards is GOLBIN! Don’t ask me why it’s not Troll) where there are man-eating monsters who no one wants to listen to. The movie stars Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, and Connie Young, all of which give some of the most amazingly horrible performances of all time. 

Before I go to far, check out this amazing review by Phelan Porteous

And just to make it that much better, check out this video I found on /Film of the audiences reaction to the film…

How awesome was that?