You know that the times are changing when toys are becoming the inspiration for feature films. A good example may be the upcoming toy-based film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra directed by Stephen Sommers. Sadly, G.I. Joe isn’t the only toy line turning into a film, according to BusinessWeek writer Christopher Palmeri, many more are on their way.

Perhaps you’ve heard, seen or played with a Stretch Armstrong (it looks like a tiny elastic body builder), but soon you will be seeing the Stretch Armstrong on the silver screen, with none other than Director Ron Howard helming the way. 

According to Sommers:

There’s more on the way. Hasbro has a movie based on its G.I. Joe toy line coming out on Aug. 7. The company has an April 2011 release for a movie version of its Stretch Armstrong figure, to be directed by Ron Howard. That is part of a six-picture deal the company has with Universal Studios (GE), which included a movie version of Monopoly. Meanwhile, archrival Mattel (MAT) is working on movie versions of Hot Wheels and Major Matt Mason.

What happened to the days of A Beautiful Mind or even Backdraft, huh Ron? Were they really that long ago? Has Universal enslaved you?

If action figures aren’t enough to keep the toy-line movies going, board games should do the trick! Universal Studios made a deal to make six films, and one of them is a movie version of Monopoly. Also, Mattel is working on movie versions of Hot Wheels and Major Matt Mason.

The movie version already has a set date, April 2011.

I wonder who will play Stetch Armstong? Any ideas? Does any out there think that his any chance at being a good movie?