Christopher Nolan seems to be pulling out all the stops for his follow up to last summer’s The Dark Knight. The comic book champ, who broke box office records left and right with The Dark Knight must have some major clout with the studios. According to The Calgary Sun, Nolan’s upcoming thriller Inception will come with a hefty price tag of 200 million dollars! The film will have multiple location shoots spanning five countries, and will be one of the biggest productions Alberta’s ever seen.

According to the Canadian source Nolan will shoot a significant portion of his sci-fi thriller in Kananaskis, Alberta. They went on to say, “These guys are going to spend more money before lunchtime than most (networks) will spend on a series. It’s as big a movie as has ever been shot here.”

The director had been spotted doing some location scouting near the foothills and mountainous areas via helicopter. He finally decided on the Fortress Mountain as his main location. Inception will be a great source of income for the local entertainment freelancers and contractors. The film could possibly employ hundreds if not thousands of Alberta natives.

Inception is scheduled for release in July of 2010, but a solid plot description hasn’t even been revealed. We all know the Christopher Nolan is very serious and secretive when it comes to his films, but I do wonder what he’ll do with 200 million dollars? I can understand spending that on an epic comic book movie, but I can’t figure out what type of sci-fi film he’s going for. You have to hand it to the guy, he does keep everyone guessing.

What do you think of Inception having a 200 million dollar budget?