The Collector

It’s always a bad day when you wake up bleeding, all around you are weird insects and snakes in jars and you see someone walking away with a cooler. I’m already grossed out.

We finally get some pictures from writer and first time director Marcus Dunstan‘s upcoming film The Collector, formerly known as Midnight Man (I’m guessing the collector comes at midnight). If you’re a fan of the grotesque-super-violent thriller genre than my guess is you’re going to love this film. Dunstan was one of the writers for Saw IV and now that he’s making his own film, he’s taken everything even further. 

Check out two more photos after the jump…

The Collector - Snakes

The Collector - Hallway

So far, the lightening and the shots remind me of the Saw series. Everything is dark and dreary with red and gold highlighted. I like the dream-like angle in the shot above of “the Collector” leaving.

Overall, some interesing shots. Hopefully we’ll find out the release date soon!

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