I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, so when I came across this story I had to give it a little TLC. The majority of us know about the big internet release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in April that occurred a full month before it’s theatrical debut. The copy was an unfinished edit, missing various key special effects and footage. In spite of the scandal the film still managed to debut strong, and has made a decent amount of money. To this day we have never found out who was really behind the incident. Some speculate that it came from inside 20th Century Fox, while others are suggesting that Scientology may have played a role.

Over at /Film, they brought up the case of fired Fox columnist Roger Friedman. If you remember, he was the bright individual who wrote a review of the bootlegged version of Wolverine for one of Fox’s official websites. According to Friedman’s lawyer, the film leak can be traced back to News Corps. head honcho, Rupert Murdoch. He continued to state that Murdoch requested a copy of the film and “apparently, someone made another copy for themselves.” Hence, the release of an unwarranted, illegal copy to the masses.

That’s one theory which I find highly unlikely, but there’s another equally outlandish idea that can top that. Friedman thinks the Wolverine fiasco was just a cover for the Scientologists to get him axed. Supposedly everyone in the celebrity circle hates the guy because of some derogatory statements he made about the religion. He even suggests that Tom Cruise would only sign on to the upcoming Fox film Wichita, if he was fired.

This is seriously one of the best cases of Hollywood scare tactics I’ve ever read. I’ll admit Scientology isn’t my cup of tea, but are their ties really that deep? He makes it sound like a mafia of sorts. I feel like this was taken from a 1970′s suspense thriller, and Gene Hackman should somehow be involved. Both of his theories seem a bit far fetched but entertaining. Lets stay tuned and see where this goes.

Do you think there’s any truth the Rupert Murdoch, Scientology conspiracy?