It is my humble opinion that every film should open with hot chicks named Candy and Sunshine in booty shorts on roller skates. Luckily for me, Midnight Madness does just that! This little seen 1980  release is truly joyous and a rousing good time.  After all, it’s a film about an all night scavenger hunt! How can that concept not be fun?

The honeys on roller skates are the playthings of uber nerd Leon, the “game master” behind his brainchild scavenger hunt, the great all nighter. After a year of planning and watching, he has carefully selected 5 teams to compete in this hunt to end all hunts. The teams have from sundown to sunup to follow clues to a final location, where the winner will be announced.

The team we as the audience are supposed to be rooting for is the yellow team, headed by American Werewolf in London hottie David Naughton, a college guidance counselor who needs to pay closer attention to his own advice. His team also features little baby Michael Fox (no J. yet) in his movie debut. Chubby and retainer-ed out, he’s still adorable. We also have the red sorority sister team (featuring those weirdo giggling twins), the white nerd team, the green jock team and the blue well, asshole team. (Inexplicably featuring a mute cholo).

As the title suggests, madness does indeed ensue. It’s fun to try to figure out the clues before the teams do, and to just see what LA looked like in 1980. (When Hollywood Blvd. was still gloriously sleazy).  Keep your eyes open for cameos from a cowboy Pee-Wee Herman.

Truly a fast and fun romp. And, by the way, this film inspired a local LA film fan to organize his own Midnight Madness, which I just participated in last weekend, as captain of the grey team. And of course, we were the winning team. Maybe it has something to do with my recent viewing of this film?…..

Next week’s clue!!!

Freaked out, institutionalized Tommy is so much better than big buff Tommy