It looks like Bond is getting classy, and possibly political. According to AICN Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have announced that Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon, The Queen), will be joining Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (Quantum of Solace, Casino Royale) to help write the screenplay for the 23rd James Bond adventure.

Woohoo! The two recent additions to the Bond franchise have been great, so the thought of another one is exciting to hear. Although the second film relied a bit too much on the action sequences for my taste, it appears that Wilson and Broccoli have listened to my complaints (yes I live in my own world, and I’m happy there) and will be pulling from the best of the best in order to give their new Bond film an edge.

Peter Morgan is the award-winning writer of such films as The Last King of Scotland, The Queen and Frost/Nixon, which was based on his play. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have collaborated on a number of action-packed projects including The Italian Job, Johnny English and the past four Bond films. It sounds like combining all three of them together might make for the perfect mixture of action and drama.

Daniel Craig will be returning to his role as Ian Fleming’s, James Bond in the latest installment. Although it’s an ongoing argument, Craig has been praised as either one the best, or the best actors to say “Bond, James Bond.” I can’t wait to see him back in a Bond suit.

Normally I hate sequels, but this franchise has gone so far beyond sequels that it can’t even be held in the same category.

I for one am excited about the news. How about you?