Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle is still riding the wave of a highly successful year in his career. He recently signed a three year deal with Fox Searchlight in which the studio agreed to co-finance and co-produce all of his upcoming projects within that time span. On top of that news the LATimes are hinting that the director’s next film may be based on the true story of American mountain climber Aron Ralston.

Aron Ralston made headlines back in 2003 when he performed a self amputation, while trapped in the mountains of Utah. He was out hiking when a boulder collapsed and pinned his arm, forcing him to to remove it in order to free himself. He used nothing but a dull knife and a lot of courage, and eventually lived to tell the general public about his ordeal. 

The LATimes suggests the Ralston story as “a possible initial production” for Boyle’s new Fox deal. There’s a lot of is it, or isn’t in this case. No one has readily confirmed or denied this report. If Boyle does decide to direct a feature based on Ralston’s unfortunate events, I’m sure he would turn it into a story about courage and the perseverance of the human spirit.

Do you think Boyle’s next film should be a biopic based on Aron Ralston?