Mr. I Don’t Want To Be In Anymore Musicals, aka Zac Efron, is considering staring in a remake of Saturday Night Fever. Side note: He just turned down the role in the remake of Footloose because he wants to branch out as an actor. Riiight.

If he took on the film, he would obviously reprise the role that made John Travolta famous. Oh, but it gets better. Simon Cowell is leading the project and making a list of all the actors he wants in the remake AND Timbaland is to redo all of the Bee Gees music for the film. It sounds terrifically craptastic.

Half of me really hopes this is true, and the other half is completely annoyed. I can’t help but think this is a joke. What I really want to know is who else would be starring in the movie. I think they should get every mediocre actor that can kind of sing, and make it as campy and dumb as possible. I can only hope. And a quick note to filmmakers: Quit it with the damn remakes!

What do you think? Would you see a Zac Efron remake of Saturday Night Fever?

Source: Juniorcelebs