Recently, the 3ality Digital Systems CEO, Steve Schklair, had an interview with MarketSaw discussing the future of 3-D entertainment. In the interview, he revealed that Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson, has said “I’ll be making all my movies in 3D.” Apparently, 2-D is a thing of the past.

3ality Digital systems is working to make the process of shooting films in 3-D as easy as shooting them in 2D. The movies will actually be shot in 3D technology as opposed to 2D and then converted.

The biggest challenge was always, if a feature was a 40 day shoot, doing it in 3D can’t make it a 41 day shoot. It has to stay a 40 day shoot. So there’s a lot of things you have to do in 3D that you don’t do in 2D that could suck up a lot of time on a set – mostly realigning the cameras constantly when you do lens changes, or even focal length changes. So we’ve been working on a lot of technology to eliminate that hand tweaking.

The evolution of this technology and Peter Jackson filming all of his movies in 3D, and I’m sure other directors will hop on to the 3-D train.

I personally don’t see many movies in 3-D, but that might be because there aren’t that many movies available in the format. I personally find it fun to wear the awesome glasses, the new ones are far more comfortable than the old paper ones.

The interview is a great read if you are interested in the future of film-making, 3-D technology, and all the technological stuff. Check it out!

What do you think? Do you like or dislike movies in 3D?