The screenwriter of Iron Man 2, and Tropic Thunder is making a move towards the director’s chair for his next project. According to Variety, Justin Theroux has signed to direct Chief Ron for Universal and Imagine Entertainment. It’s a comedy about a conman who claims Native American (Mohegan) ancestry, so he can open up a casino.

The screenplay for Chief Ron was written by Jordan Roberts, and Brian Grazer is on board to produce. The film is actually based on the true story of Chief Ron Roberts. “His blonde hair and blue eyes raised skepticism over his ancestral claims but he prevailed in court and is now building a casino in upstate New York.” Chief Ron will be the second film that Theroux has directed, his first being the 2007 indie feature entitled Dedication, which starred Mandy Moore.

Theroux seems to be getting quite comfortable with the production side of film-making. I have to admit, I’m beginning to miss his presence in front of the camera. He starred in one of my favorite movies (American Psycho), and is a great overall actor. Chief Ron sounds as if it will be a good comedy that can really get him noticed if done right.

What do you think of Justin Theroux’s turn as director for Chief Ron?