Disneynature has gotten the rights to distribute the new documentary, Ocean World 3D, in North America. The new documentary by Jean-Jacques and Francois Mantello, features the son of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jean-Michel Cousteau. Ocean World 3D is shot from the perspective of a sea turtle journeying through Argentina’s Peninsula Valdez, Mexico’s Roca Partida Island, and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

This will be the first ocean documentary to be completely filmed and released in 3D. It took over seven years to produce, and twenty-five diving expeditions to complete. The release date for North America has not been announced, but it is set to be released in France and Russia later this summer.

There seems to be a stronger influx of 3D movies recently. This sounds pretty cool, but then again I like nature documentaries.

Cool documentary + 3D = SWEET!

What do you think? Do you think there are too many nature documentaries?

Source: Variety