mehaniThis is a step towards peace, or as a one movie-goer calls it, “the first step in a peaceful revolution.” People in the Saudi capital Riyah are being allowed to go to the movies for the first time ever in 30 years, reported BBC News.

This history-making film is a Seudi-made offering called Menahi, a comedy about a Bedouin (Arab ethnic group) who moves to the big city.

Although many people are thrilled of being able to enjoy a soft drink and popcorn at a public cinema, religious conservatives tried to turn movie-goers from watching the film by protesting outside, but were politely ignored by movie-goers. The film has been showing in Riyadh since Friday, at the King Fahd Cultural Centre, attracting an audience of about 300.

Only men are allowed into the performance; In America this would be a huge sexist issue, but in Saudi Arabia it seems like a huge leap into open-mindedness. It seems like Saudi Arabia audiences are eager to expand the horizons of the small entertainment available to them such as horse and camel racing. Everyone deserves to watch a film sometime.

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