Transformers 2- Shia Labeouf

In just a couple more weeks Transformers Revenge of the Fallen will finally be here! The studio is putting out their last promotional touches in an effort to get you pumped for the film’s June 24 debut. Over at MTV, they’ve recently updated their Transformers‘ photo gallery with some new stills from the movie. They feature some nice shots of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and of course the film’s two leads Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox.

Check out the photos after the jump.

That yellow Camaro is insane! I love how the autobots switch out their old vehicles for new models every couple of years. If only humans could do that. Transformers has already begun debuting overseas in Korea and Japan, and is slowly but surely making it’s way to the U.S. The other day we posted a few spoilers from the film that may quench your thirst for autobot action while you wait. You can check them out by clicking here.

What do you think of the latest batch of photos from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen?