According to filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, the live action adaptation of the famous cartoon series The Jetsons will begin shooting next year. Rodriguez, known for his work on kids movies (Spy Kids 3-D) and sci-fi flicks (Nerveracker), has four other project lined up before he makes The Jetsons. Those include Machete, sci-fi action film Nerveracker, a reboot of the Predator series called Predators, and Sin City 2.

The family sitcom, set in a futuristic utopia in the year 2062 (doesn’t seem that far away anymore, does it?) follows the lives of George and Jane Jetson and their teenage daughter Judy and genius son Elroy. Life—especially the work load for George—is shown as comically leisurely because of the incredible sophistication and all the technology invented. Even the wife, Jane, has a robot as a maid to do her work for her.

There are two concerns following the announcement of The Jetsons being filmed next year:

  • Will it be a good remake like Batman and The Transformers or a bad remake like Wild Wild West and Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  • Will Robert Rodriguez be able to complete everything he has on his plate by next year in order to make The Jetsons?

What do you think?