Neil Patrick Harris has landed two film projects this summer. Harris will take the lead role in the comedy The Best and The Brightest and co-star in Beastly, a film based on the 2007 novel by Alex Flinn.

In The Best and The Brightest, Harris will play a carefree father moves his family from Delaware to New York City’s Upper East Side. The family then finds it hard to handle the city’s competitive private school scene.

Beastly seems fun; A fresh new take of Disney’s beloved Beauty and the Beast. Harris will play a blind tutor to the teen beast (Alex Pettyfer). Young stars, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen will also star (interesting).

Harris hasn’t really starred in a mainstream film, but then again he is an icon in his own way (I love you Doogie!). It will be nice to see him lead the way in The Best and The Brightest. Could it become the actor’s way to mainstream film success?

Seems like Harris will have a full schedule this summer. How exciting!

I will however think of him from Harold and Kumar