Fanboys director Kyle Newman is taking a creative leap with his latest developing project. His previous film  was a comedy that centered on the sci-fi fandom of Star Wars, but his next feature will tackle the dramatic life of an actress. According to Cinemablend, the director wants to bring the life story of 1960′s icon Brigitte Bardot to the big screen.

Newman says the film is still in development, but he’s already decided on the actress for the lead role. The director wants Jamie King to portray the former model and ingenue in his biopic. King recently became the wife of Newman, whom she met on the set of Fanboys almost two years ago. Brigitte Bardot became a hot commodity in film due to her sex kitten image, but retired from acting shortly before turning forty in 1973.

Not the typical story of a film siren, but there’s still a lot to pull from. Bardot was considered a very risky actress to hire since she was best known for her European films which were too racy during the fifties and sixties for American audiences. When I look at Jamie King from her role in Sin City (above), I can see the resemblance between the two actresses. If they stick with that make up, and motif they may have something. Since the project is still in development, we don’t know how dramatic the material will be. I don’t really have a gauge on King’s acting chops so this is a hard one to call.

What would you think of Jamie King as Brigitte Bardot? Do you think Kyle Newman can pull this off?