DIST9_DgtlBultn_400x1400_19District 9 - Bus Bench Sign

How many of you have seen the new District 9 ads on the side of the road? I saw one the “Non-Human Sighting Today” posters on my way home yesterday and thought, “that’s awesome!” The posters definitely catch peoples attention who don’t know what District 9 is and for those of us who do, make the movie even more realistic, which is the best part of this film. They’re treating everything like it’s real. From the documentary style of shooting, to the xenophobia that people experience when trying to integrate two things that are different, and now the marketing. I love how they are integrating the posters to look like they could have been put up by the Government and making it seem as if District 9 is a real place and we’re in it.

Check out some of the awesome photos below…

For more posters go to IMPAwards.com

If you haven’t already check out D-9.com, it’s a really awesome website that again, adds another level of realism. And, if you call the number above, 1-866-666-6001, you can record any “non-human” sitings that you see and Sony may use them in future ads. Pretty cool!

I’m sure some looney who has no clue what District 9 is will freak out before the film is released on August 14th and try to sue the government for making them think that aliens exist on earth. When that happens we can all point and laugh.

What do you think of the posters?