Fox can’t decide between commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch, or famous British director Ridley Scott, to helm the sequel of Alien. In April it was revealed that Rinsch was thinking of doing an Alien prequel or reboot with Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott, and Tony Scott as producers, but now 20th century Fox is not too happy with the idea of having a first-time director as the leader of another Alien—they want Ridley Scott.

So it begins: Ridley Scott vs. Carl Erik Rinsch

  • Scott has made a decent amount of great films: The Duellists (1978), Thelma & Louise (1991), Gladiator (2000), Matchstick Men (2003), American Gangster (2007)…
  • Rinsch has never made a great film; he has never actually made a film.
  • But Scott also has a large amount of bad films: Tristan and Isolde (2006), A Good Year (2006), Body of Lies (2008), and Kingdom of Heaven (2005)…
  • Rinsch has no bad films on his IMDb list; he actually doesn’t have an IMDb account.

Although Scott has a streak of great films and a lot of experience to make Alien a great hit, many times a Director’s first project can turn out to be a masterpiece. Take the independent film Moon by first-time director Duncan Jones; like Rinsch, Jones comes from a commercial background, and his debut film Moon has been a great success so far.

Tony and Ridley Scott have both given Rinsch the final approval on producing his Alien sequel, but Fox hasn’t given Rinsch the green light as director.

Might Fox feel that an Alien sequel is too big of a film to give to a first-time director such as Rinsch? Or does Fox want to play it safe and go with a director who has already filmed Alien?

Scott has agreed to help produce the film, and now it is all up to Fox to give Rinsch’s commercial background a chance.

Should Fox risk it, or should they play it safe?