Moon director Duncan Jones must have found a kindred spirit in actor Sam Rockwell, because according to Cinemablend he’ll be making an appearance in his next film. No, I’m not referring to the recently announced sci-fi epic Escape From the Deep, but another Jones project entitled, Mute

After the jump is a snippet of what Jones revealed about Rockwell’s role in the film and it’s connection to Moon. It’s a bit spoilery so if you haven’t seen the movie, you might want to stop reading.

“I wanted to get Sam to come and do a cameo in the next film. We’re going to do a cameo where he does an epilogue scene that explains what happened to Sam when he got back to earth [at the end of Moon]. That’s going to take place in the next film. “

Jones co-wrote the screenplay for the film and expects production for Mute to begin before he starts working on Escape From the Deep. The actor’s have already gotten their hands on the film’s script, and are reviewing it as we speak. I’ve heard some wonderful things about Moon, and I love the way he plans to connect it to Mute. I really appreciate it when filmmakers take the extra step to make sure their story sticks with the audience. 

If your longing for more info on Moon and Jones, we’ll have an exclusive interview with the director available later this week!

What do you think of Sam Rockwell making a cameo in Mute?