This isn’t really a surprise to me, but there are rumors circulating that Pixar is working on a sequel to their hit film, Monster’s Inc. According to /Film several big wig buyers were given the inside scoop on Disney’s future film plans at this year’s Licensing Fair that was held in Las Vegas. Even though these privileged individuals were sworn to secrecy, a few of them spilled the beans that Pete Docter the director of Up, is definitely working on Monster’s Inc. 2.

After the immense success of Up, and it’s domination of the box office two weeks in a row (are we really blown away by this news?), Docter is now the new hot director in town. In the past Docter has toyed with the idea of a Monster’s Inc sequel, and even told audiences at 2008′s Comic Con that  “We’ve thought about it… We’ve got a couple of ideas.” This paired with the unofficial confirmations from the Licensing Fair gives us something to think about.

Pixar has already released their upcoming schedule up to 2012, but Monster’s Inc wasn’t mentioned. That leaves the door open for a possible sequel in 2013? News has even spread within the Pixar compound. Their official blog started receiving searches for “‘monsters 2013 pixar” way back in January. The search stemmed from inside the companies own domain, Even their own workers want to know what’s going on!

Do you think Monster’s Inc 2 is on it’s way? What other Pixar films would you like to see a sequel to?