There’s something about the upcoming Heavy Metal film anthology that has “epic” written all over it. It seems as if every day another talented director signs on to the project. If your unfamiliar with Heavy Metal, it was an animated film produced in 1981 that was based on the sci-fi/fantasy magazine of the same name. The film is broken up into multiple segments that address adult themes such as violence, nudity, and sexuality, which means it is definitely not for kids.

According to IGN, producer Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is pulling no punches when it comes to his interpretation of the cult classic. He’s got some serious heavy hitters directing individual segments of the movie. As previously reported, Zack Snyder, David Fincher, Mark Osborne, and Gore Verbinski are all on board to participate, and if that wasn’t enough Eastman revealed that Mr. James Cameron will serve as an executive producer and director as well!

“Fincher will direct one. Cameron will direct one. Zack Snyder is going to direct one and Gore Verbinski is going to. Mark Osborne and Jack Black from Tenacious D are going to do a comedy segment for the film. Three other directors have agreed but we haven’t signed them, but they’re equally as jaw-dropping. So we’re on cloud nine to be working with such an amazing amount of talent.”

It should be illegal to have this much talent on one film. I’m not the biggest Zack Snyder fan, but I think Heavy Metal is right up his alley. I am interested in knowing who the other three directors are who’ve agreed to do a segment. Perhaps, Guillermo del ToroPeter Jackson, or maybe even Steven Spielberg?

What do you think of James Cameron joining Heavy Metal? What other directors do you think are on board?