I can see Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal reuniting for another Ang Lee film, but why for Ed Zwick? How does he get such amazing actors? I found Defiance insulting. He took an interesting script and turned into such an overly cliched WWII film that it felt sarcastic. Every choice he made from the shots to the music were manipulative and worst of all he tried so hard to make you care about the story that you didn’t care at all! The story was powerful, you had the best actors, why did you have to kill it?

Yet, for some reason he attracts stars like Sean Penn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and now Hathaway and Gyllenhaal for his upcoming film Love and Other Drugs. Even the frickin’ title is manipulative! It seems like most of his films are either a hit or a miss.

According to THR…

Ed Zwick is directing the project (formerly titled “Pharma”), which Charles Randolph (“The Interpreter”) adapted from Jamie Reidy’s nonfiction book “Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman.”

Reidy was a drug rep for Pfizer in the late 1990s who eventually wrote a memoir that shined a light on the practices of the pharmaceutical industry. Gyllenhaal will play the salesman, who begins a relationship with a woman who has Parkinson’s (Hathaway) while on one of his sales calls. Their love story plays out in the political and social context of the time.

Wow. I can smell the forced tears. Again, sounds like an interesting story and he has two great actors to lead the way, but I just don’t trust Zwick.

Do you? What do you think about Zwick making Love and Other Drugs with Hathaway and Gyllenhaal?