Based off the 70′s TV show, comes the new comedy The Land of the Lost by director Brad Silberling, starring Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Anna Friel, and Jorma Taccone. If you’re looking to sit back, have a good time, and bring the kiddies, this is a solid comedy with a surprising amount of laugh out loud moments.

The tricky part about this film is that it was all over the place. I have no idea what this film was exactly, but I liked it. It was a fun ride and much better than the majority of comedies coming out.

Let’s break it down…

The Plot:

Dr. Rick Marshall (Ferrell) has hit a slump in his career after attacking Matt Louer on a TV show when he mocks Marshall’s space-time theory. Holly Cantrell (Friel) an ex-Cambridge student comes to meet her idol (Marshall) and the two end up in getting sucked down a space-time vortex alongside redneck survivalist (McBride). In this alternate universe, the trio make friends with a primate named Chaka (Taccone), who has a thing for grouping. The new world is filled with everything in time, including dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures. The three set out on a journey to find their way back and show the world (and Louer) that Marhshall’s theory worked.

The Good:

  • The Acting: Mix Will Ferrell with Danny Mcbribde together and you’re bound to get something worth watching. As I’ve said before, I could watch them chat about the weather and find it entertaining. It’s no surprise that, Jorma Taccone, one of the founders of “A Dick in a Box” was able to add his own style of comedy to the film and do a great job with it. The lovely Anna Friel, was just that. She was charming and just crazy enough to work with this wild bunch.
  • The Campiness: The TV show was campy, but in an entirely different way. They had to update the film for modern generations and I think they made the right choice by going in an entirely new campy direction.
  • Matt Louer: Although he only has a short appearance in the film, he rocks it.
  • The Comedy: There were a few moments in the film that jumped out at me that were absolutely hilarious. The film definitely did not use the normal comedy cliches and made this film their own and therefore had a lot of surprises…

The Bad:

  • The Comedy: Sadly, the surprises didn’t always work, and when they didn’t, they left you wondering what the hell was going on and checking the bottom of your cup for more Sprite. Again, the film didn’t use the usual formulas which means that sometimes it was amazing, but other times it fell completely flat.
  • The Special Effects: They weren’t necessarily bad, in fact in some moments they were really great, the problem was they felt inconsistent. Some scenes were shot like an old TV show with every single Sleestak on set and other times they went with new age CG, like with Grumpy the T-Rex. I was never sure exactly what I was watching. I would have preferred if they would have stayed with one or the other.


If you’re looking to turn your brain off for 93 minutes than this is a great film for you.

Check out The Land of the Lost in theaters June 5th.

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