Hmmm, decisions, decisions. This week is filled with a comedy for everyone; there is the stupid-funny, the romantic-funny, the indie-funny, and then another stupid-funny that is a little more kid-friendly. The adult comedy, The Hangover, is probably your best pick for stupid-funny. The movie is about a group of guys who go to Vegas for a bachelor party, the next morning one of them is missing and they don’t remember a thing from the night before. The indie-comedy, Away We Go, by director, Sam Mendes, is a great choice if you’re looking for something that will make you laugh and cry. Then there is the romantic comedy by My Big Fat Greek Wedding‘s, Nia Vardalos, with My Life in Ruins, which will be cheesy (consider yourself warned). And finally, the outrageous Will Ferrell kid-friendly, comedy Land of the Lost, which is currently receiving mixed reviews, as Ferrell comedies normally do.

Here are the movies coming out for the week of June 5th:

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The Hangover

My Life in Ruins

Land of the Lost

Away We Go

Which movie caught your eye for this week??