It seems like things will be looking more or less the same this weekend in the box office. There is a chance that Pixar’s Up might be holding unto the number one spot for a second a week. Assuming that’s true, this weekend The Hangover and Land of the Lost are going to be battling it out at the box office to be second best. Who will take home the silver medal?

The Hangover is a comedy about a guy named Doug and his three groomsmen who head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party they will never forget—or remember. And to keep the adventure/comedy streak running, Land of the Lost is about a space-time vortex sucking in a has-been scientist (Will Ferrell) back to the land before time.

So what will it be, a crazy night with the guys or a wacky night through time?

In 2003, Todd Phillips Old School ranked at number two on opening weekend (surprise, surprise) making $17,453,216, and went on to gross $87,055,349 worldwide. Old School is similar to The Hangover, and will probably attract the same rowdy college kids as well as an older audience, but the trio-cast in The Hangover is no-where near as popular as the trio in Old School, even if it was 2003. But if the cast doesn’t persuade people to watch the film, perhaps all the glowing reviews and word of mouth will.

As for our comedy-man, Will Ferrel, his last film Step Brothers opened at $30,940,732 and went on to gross $128,107,564 worldwide. Brad Silberling‘s Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, starring Jim Carrie, (and one of my personal favorite films), topped the charts opening at $30,061,756 and went on to gross $209,073,645 worldwide. Although I doubt Land of the Lost is anything like A Series of Unfortunate Events (cast included Meryl Streep), it may still be able to pull in audiences who are reminiscent of the TV show as well as those who will pay to see Ferrell and McBride watch paint dry (which I think might be kind of fun).

Both films are comedies and include adventure in their own way, but The Hangover might reach a broader audience, and it looks like a great laugh. Although Ferrell’s comedies have ranked rather high in the past, this weekend, it seems like the silver medal will be handed to The Hangover.

What film do you think will take second place, or first?

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