***Update! Good news everyone! We found Brendan and he had his review written out on toilet paper ready to go. Here is his The Hangover review.***

Editor’s note: This review was actually due earlier this week, but until today, all we received was the following email from our writer, Brendan Walsh:

Dear Mali,
I know you need this article, but I have to fess up and tell you that I got really really drunk, and forgot all about the movie and the review. Also, could you please wire me $20,000 in whatever the currency is in Romania? Quickly? I know it’s ironic and funny and all, because I was meant to review a movie about getting drunk and forgetting what happened, but can we laugh about this later?

P.S.  I think you should have a readers contest to name the drink I invented that got me in this predicament.  It’s 4 parts ouzo, and 4 parts bourbon, with an unopened mussel floating inside.  You drink the whole thing through a red vine straw, then you chase it with vodka from a plastic jug.  I’m some kind of genius.

More to come soon… We hope.