So much goodness so little time! Below are some amazingly fun stories from around the web that you have to read…

  • How much more attention can Sascha Baron Cohen or Bruno get from his MTV Movie Awards stunt (watch video)? Sascha is now being sued by a paralyzed old lady for his characters actions. Her claims of what happened are outrageous, she is suing the star of the movie for unspecified damages, including “loss of marital relations.” Sascha can thank Ms. Olson when his movie opens up number one at the box office because of the publicity she is getting him with this. Find out more at FilmDrunk
  • A good director is just as important to make a hit movie as are the actors in it. That said, here are 5 directors that make any movie go bad. Surprisingly, some of the directors that made the cut have movies that were a financial/mainstream success (McG, Brett Ratner). Check out the list at unrealitymag
  • There are some things from your childhood that are sacred and should be left alone. For example, recently it was announced that Bazooka Joe and Where’s Waldo will be turned into movies. As a result YepYep made a list of “Things From Your Childhood That Don’t Need A Movie” category. Check out it on YepYep
  • In honor of the news that 20th Century Fox intends to remake/reboot the Alien Franchise, unrealitymag is paying homage to the sci-fi classics with images of the gorgeous Alien artwork. You can say what you want about the movies, the artwork is just wonderful. There are a couple of the photos, but for more go to unrealitymag