The new trailer for The Final Destination, the fourth and final film in the series looks really expensive. I know that’s not a description you’re used to hearing for a trailer, but for the most part these films look rather cheesy and the special effects are just good enough. Not in this trailer. They start off with a Nascar “incident,” which one can only imagine would be extremely expensive to shoot.

I couldn’t help but wonder if they decided to up the budget on this installment and why now? I looked up the numbers and I was right, they did throw a lot more money into this film even though the director of the film, David R. Ellis (Humpty Dumpty) was only involved in Final Destination 2, the least successful of the series.

Check out the trailer and the numbers below…

Here are the numbers for all of the films

  • Final Destination | Released March 17, 2000 |  Cost $23 million | Domestic Gross $53,331,147 | Worldwide Gross $112,880,294
  • Final Destination 2 | Released January 31, 2003 | Cost: $25 million | Domestic Gross $46,961,214 | Worldwide Gross $90,426,405
  • Final Destination 3 | Released February 10, 2006 | Cost $25 million | Domestic Gross: $54,098,051 | Worldwide Gross $113,270,608
  • The Final Destination | Released August 28, 2009 | Cost $43 million so far

The thing that is surprising is that each film in the series did not do better than the previous and therefore warrant more money. They all basically cost and made the same amount of money each time.

Are they  hoping that because this is the last film that more people will want to see it? Or do they think the more money they put in the more they will make back? Or some kind of combination of those thing?

The new trailer is impressive. I personally don’t like these films but the trailer has enticed me. Maybe that extra money went towards marketing?

Check it out for yourself below…

The Final Destination trailer in HD

The new film has the same plot as the rest. “After a teen’s premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their end.”

What do you think? Does it warrant $20 million more than the first 3 films?

Check out the trailer for the first film and let us know!