A man who has had over 200 films and TV appearances under his belt, David Carradine, had a wildly successful career for over four decades in Hollywood lighting up the big screen with his charisma. With the shocking news this morning of his death, we thought what better way to honor a acting legend then to look at what they have accomplished?

Not long ago, David himself looked back on his career and said: “It always seemed to me like a mission. A holy one – like the Blues Brothers.”

With that said, below are a few clips from some of his most popular and well known films…

Kung Fu: David shows just how bad-ass he is while fighting co-star Brandon Lee in the Finale of the legendary series.

Gray Lady Down: David Greene’s 1978 disaster film in which the U.S. submarine Neptune collides with a Norwegian freighter and starts to sink. This scene is from the final rescue.

The Serpents Egg: A film by the late and great, Ingmar Bergman. This is just one of the famous director that David worked with during his career and as a result is probably one of his most prestigious films.

Bound For Glory: This film was a tribute to the folk singer Woody Guthrie. David earned himself a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for his great work in this film movie…

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2:David returns to the big screen in 2003  for Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill Vol. 1.  He is also does the sequel Kill Bill Vol. 2 in 2004. Scene from Vol. 2, with the dialogue on Superman. He is calmly talking while Uma Thurman’ s character is suffering.

Which David Carradine film/TV show is your favorite?