It’s almost been one full month since Chris Pine was featured as the lead in the summer blockbuster Star Trek. With a hit film under his belt, and plenty of fan recognition it’s time for him make his next move. According to THR, Pine has already signed on for his next film entitled Unstoppable. The film will be directed by Tony Scott and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Unstoppable will pit the rising star up against two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington in an action drama. The story will focus on a veteran train conductor who’s about to become the victim of company lay offs due to cutbacks. Pine will star as the young engineer who’s been hired to take his place. They are forced into a life or death situation when they have to divert a runaway train carrying a shipment of toxic chemicals headed straight towards them. Unstoppable will be produced by Scott and Julie Yorn, with a screenplay written by Mark Bomback.

Honestly, this sounds like an eighties action flick, maybe mid-nineties at best. Anything pre-Executive Decision is where this film could fit. This movie sounds so unoriginal it’s ridiculous. It’s not like we haven’t seen a runaway train, car, or bus carrying dangerous cargo before, and if its not that it’s a hijacked plane, sub, or boat. I think we’ve exhausted our locations at this point. Even though the story sounds lackluster, Pine will be getting some serious experience and exposure from working with Washington, so there’s a plus.

Do you think Chris Pine can hold his own opposite Denzel Washington?