I love the relationship between Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. They’re one of the many director, actor teams in Hollywood who have a professional relationship that spans over decades. We’ve all heard about Raimi’s highly anticipated sequel to his classic and career defining, Evil Dead franchise. As of now, he’s got a script in the works and casting on his brain for another installment in the horror series. The director has been open about wanting Campbell to reprise his role as the film’s lead Ash, a character he hasn’t played in over 15 years.

Campbell has found a way to appear in any and everything Raimi, so I’m somewhat surprised that he’s decided to shy away from another Evil Dead film. With so much history between these two you’d think he’d have no problem returning to the role that made him a star. Some people are stating that the new film is a sequel, while others are saying it’s a remake of the original. Over at TVOverMind, while promoting his TV show Burn Notice, Campbell gave some clarification about whether or not he’ll step into Ash’s shoes for another round.

“There’s really no sequel for Evil Dead planned right now. We are going to forge ahead and do the remake; we are going to do that. There’s nothing for me in the remake, though, do you know what I mean? That’s a cast of young people. So I’ll be on as the producer but I won’t be in it other than playing the old guy at the bait store at the beginning.”

I can’t even disagree with his issue concerning a young cast. I could understand feeling awkward and out of place when there’s a huge generational gap between you and the main cast. Yet, on another note I can’t see Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell front and center, especially with Raimi back on board. I’m torn between what’s rational and what’s reality.

Do you think Campbell should return for another Evil Dead film?